Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Rainbow Press Turns To International Acquisition Group For Sale

When Omaha printer Rainbow Press Inc. decided it was time to sell their successful printing business, they had little trouble deciding where to turn to get a deal brokered. Rainbow had heard of the reputation of International Acquisition Group for putting the client first and negotiating a speedy deal, but they could not have foreseen the results that they got. Within the span of six months, International Acquisition Group had brokered the sale of Rainbow to Safeguard Business Systems Inc. from start to finish, at terms mutually agreeable to both parties.

Though the speed of this deal is remarkable, it is not out of line for International Acquisition Group, a company that has long held a reputation for client satisfaction and unparalleled professionalism. All told, International Acquisition Group has been operating at this high standard for 25 years, and its management team has a full century of combined experience; these traits are the result of lots of hard work, and they have led International Acquisition Group to a position of dominance in the field. International Acquisition Group’s competitive edge comes from their extensive client base, with the ability to match buyers and sellers from vastly different markets using their highly developed networks.

International Acquisition Group provides a full-service operation including consulting services, third-party valuation, and financial support for the transactions they help broker. Rainbow is the latest client who will agree that International Acquisition Group is the destination for the company that is looking to sell at the best possible terms.

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