Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Finding a Niche with International Acquisition Group

As every business owner knows, it is imperative to find a niche, that special little slice of the market that only your company covers. Sometimes you seek that niche out for yourself, and sometimes the niche finds you. For Dallas mergers and acquisitions firm International Acquisition Group, that niche has developed over the company’s 25 years in business into one in which they have almost total control, a very unique position in the market and an ability that most other firms cannot match. International Acquisition Group’s networking ability includes a roster of buyers across the country and around the world, enabling the company to match sellers with buyers from different regions and different markets, finding a fit in sometimes unlikely places. This ability has made International Acquisition Group the leader in their market and a company with clout.

Leveraging this unique positioning with a dedication to client satisfaction unmatched in the industry, International Acquisition Group leads at the forefront of M&A year after year. In 2013 International Acquisition Group has already brokered several notable deals, including a sale of Rainbow Press to Safeguard that went from start to finish in just six months.

International Acquisition Group got to this point through a marketing strategy that involves mixed media and international exposure, resulting in nearly 200 million views for their company. That kind of exposure has been a great blessing for International Acquisition Group and has enabled them to corner the market on small and medium M&A by developing their own niche.

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