Monday, 7 October 2013

International Acquisition Group’s President Proud of Company Reputation

Jason Hullender has every reason to be proud. As the president of leading mergers and acquisitions firm International Acquisition Group, he spearheads one of the industry’s top performers and a company with a reputation for excellence through and through. Yet, if anything, Hullender is humble about his company’s performance, stating simply that he is very proud of what International Acquisition Group has built over the years and what it seeks to build going forward.

Described as a “business intermediary consulting firm,” International Acquisition Group specializes in brokering sales between small and medium sized companies. International Acquisition Group is based out of Dallas TX, but has a client base that is active both nationwide and international. Part of the unique appeal of International Acquisition Group’s market niche is its ability to connect buyers and sellers across regions, across markets, and internationally, pairing the right buyer with the right seller every time.

Hullender has been with International Acquisition Group for 20 of the company’s 25 years in business, so he is intimately familiar with the workings of the industry and what it takes to get a deal to go through. Already, 2013 has been a high water mark for International Acquisition Group, with the company having brokered several high profile acquisitions including the sale of Rainbow Press to Safeguard, a deal that from start to finish took only six months. Business shows no signs of slowing down, either, according to Hullender; the rest of the year promises still more deals for International Acquisition Group and their clients.

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