Tuesday, 1 October 2013

International Acquisition Group Has Active Year

Dallas-based mergers and acquisitions company International Acquisition Group has had a banner year thus far, and is looking forward to continued success in the second half of 2013. Already this year, International Acquisition Group has brokered several big time deals: they have helped Omaha printer Rainbow Press sell their business, finding a great buyer in Safeguard; negotiated mutually favorable terms between L&L Van Lines and buyer Sean Hamilton; gotten the owners of Nick’s Custom Boots a great deal in their sale to a private individual; and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. International Acquisition Group plans to continue in the same vein going forward, continuing to use their market-best networking abilities to find the perfect match for their selling clients.

With 25 years the industry, International Acquisition Group has had plenty of experience brokering deals, and their expertise shows through in their dealings with their clients. Clients of International Acquisition Group, as a whole, express some of the highest levels of customer satisfaction around. This is likely due to International Acquisition Group’s unique positioning in the market, enabling them to utilize their nationwide and international base of potential buyers to get sellers into markets they would otherwise be unable to find on their own.

International Acquisition Group takes pride in their reputation for excellence and their longstanding tradition of dedication to client satisfaction. A business owner looking to get the most from the sale of their company would do well to seek out the services of International Acquisition Group.

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