Thursday, 29 August 2013

Finding Qualified Buyers: International Acquisition Group

International Acquisition Group is well aware of the many challenges facing business owners who are trying to sell in today's economy. After seeing a twenty-eight percent decline in the market in 2008 and 2009, many business owners are skeptical about the idea of selling their business. Most feel that they will not be able to turn a profit if they do sell; while others do not believe that there is an investor out there interested in their niche business. To both of these categories, International Acquisition Group responds with a strong negative. International Acquisition Group prides itself on its ability to supply a list of qualified buyers for its clients.

This list is generated from a constantly updated database of buyers that International Acquisition Group is in contact with. By working directly with the buyers, International Acquisition Group is able to have an inside look into what types of business are in demand and is able to push those buyers toward the corresponding businesses. International Acquisition Group constantly updates their database of buyers and is always looking for new ways to network with investors so that they can call them in the future with buying opportunities.

International Acquisition Group has seen a steady increase in the frequency of purchases in the market since the end of 2010 and expects this trend to continue growing as time goes by. Because International Acquisition Group has been observing this trend for some time, it has worked hard to build up its database of buyers in preparation for the increased number of sellers it expects. International Acquisition Group is happy to say that each potential buyer that it presents to its clients has been thoroughly screened and checked out so that the client can have a serious discussion with the buyer knowing that they are truly interested in the sale.

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